Bread Basket Cloth Liner

Every master baker knows that a quality bread basket is a key to success when baking homemade bread. 

Yet, what does the cloth liner over the bread basket do? Do you need it?

At Acovia Design, we love bread baskets. Today, we’ll answer your burning questions about the all-important bread basket cloth liner. Let’s get started!

What Is A Bread Basket Cloth Liner?

If you’ve ever used a bread basket to make either an open crumb or sourdough bread, you know how important it is in the baking process. 

The bread basket helps your dough take that beautiful shape as it’s proofing. It also helps the dough avoid sticking to the bread basket or banneton during proofing.

A bread basket is why artisan bakers can produce those beautifully-shaped bread loaves!

Now, if you’ve ever wondered how artisan bakers manage to get that silky-smooth, glossy crust on their bread, you’ll be surprised to learn that the answer is the cloth liner.

Why Use A Cloth Liner?

We make all of our bread basket cloth liners from natural linen. This fabric does several essential things to ensure that every loaf of bread is tasty and beautiful!

Absorbs Excess Moisture

The natural fibers in the cloth lining’s fabric will absorb excess moisture. By absorbing this moisture from your dough, the cloth liner helps to create that crunchy crust that everybody loves.

Improves Proofing

At Acovia Design, we’ve specially developed a material known as MagiCloth™ KRU. This purposely created knitted fabric improves proofing, making it easier for the dough to rise.

This material will help cut down on the time you wait for proofing to complete. 

Easier Baking

The cloth liner found on a bread basket is also excellent for first-time bakers! 

Since the cloth liner prevents the dough from sticking to the bread basket, it’s easier to remove your dough after proofing. So, say goodbye to sticky messes and broken finishes on your bread.

A Smoother Finish

You’ll also find that the cloth liner gives your bread a beautiful textured finish.

The cloth liner will cushion the dough and prevent it from taking on the texture and grooves of the basket. By doing this, the cloth liner will give your bread a more subtle, textured finish.

Easier Cleaning

Another great reason to use the bread basket cloth liner is that it makes cleaning a breeze. 

Instead of using a knife to remove the dough that’s stuck between the grooves of your proofing basket, you only need to remove the liner.

Let the dough dry, then wipe it off. You can also clean it with water and let it air dry. Once it’s clean, you can place it back on your basket.

High-Quality Bread Basket Cloth Liners

Bread basket cloth liners improve the entire bread baking experience from placing your dough, proofing, baking, and cleaning. 

We manufacture bread basket cloth liners in all shapes and sizes. So, get in touch with us if you need a specific, custom-designed bread cloth liner!