Laboratory and measurements

In the certified laboratories of fabric manufacturers (e.g., TenCate) whose products we use in our production process, as well as in the partner certified laboratories of A.D. Acovia Design, various specification tests and structural inspections are carried out.


All TenCate fabrics used in our tent program are subjected to various tests in the manufacturer’s laboratory. In addition to tests on new, tests are also performed on aged fabric, using laboratory and outdoor procedures. Thanks to this method, our canvases and other products provide many years of carefree camping and usage. Certificates from independent institutes and the experience of our current users confirm these facts.


The main properties of fabrics are tested in accordance with international standards. The tests are performed in our and in the laboratories of the manufacturers according to standardised measurement methods. Tests include abrasion resistance, discoloration, and light resistance. Water repellence and fire safety are also checked. The water column is measured. Moisture absorption and resistance to mold development are checked.


When using fabrics outdoors, it is necessary to accept the wear of the material. This is due to all kinds of weather, such as wind, sunlight and UV rays, pollution, and triteness. To verify the influence of these effects on our fabrics, the latter is subjected to appropriate testing. In addition to laboratory tests, practical outdoor checks are also performed.

Laboratory tests and practical checks are closely linked. To get the results, the tent fabrics are exposed to external influences in the Netherlands and Greece every year. These practical tests are occasionally accelerated by implementation in a “year-round” program. Fabrics are exposed to the environment for 6 months in the US (Florida) and the remaining 6 months in Australia. Thus, use testing for two seasons is performed in one year. In addition to practical testing, the effects of pollution are also monitored, and special attention is paid to the development of algae and mold.


Our reviews, ratings, and opinions are made professionally. Employees who perform these activities are highly educated in the field of textiles and further improve their proficiency. Consequently, we can offer our business partners:

  • analysis of materials currently in use,
  • analysis of materials planned for use,
  • research into the explanation of the causes (when in specific situations).