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Glamping is a relatively new concept. If you’ve never heard about it and want to learn more, you’re in the right place!

At Acovia Design, we’ve been a glamping tents manufacturer since this new fad took the camping world by storm. 

Today, we’ll tell you all about glamping, what it is, why it matters, and what tremendous changes it brought to the tenting world.

All About Glamping Tents

Simply put, glamping is camping in a glamorous style! Did you ever wake up with a sore back from sleeping on the cold, hard ground? Do you miss electricity when camping?

Well, when you go glamping, you camp with all of your creature comforts. So, to make space for all these creature comforts, we had to design custom tents for glamping.

Despite these incredibly customizable tents coming in all shapes and sizes, they all share a couple of essential similarities. It’s these features that make glamping so much better than traditional camping. 

Features Of Glamping Tents 

Glamping tents are full-sized camping tents that offer amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and even a bedroom. 

They can accommodate a variety of luxuries, such as a TV, a fridge, and even a king-sized bed! Here are some other impressive features of glamping tents:

Nature In Comfort

A glamping tent offers the unique opportunity to camp in comfort and style. You get to enjoy the outdoors without having to sacrifice your creature comforts.

So, glamping is the best of both worlds! At Acovia Design, we manufacture every single one of our glamping tents from the latest, most durable canvas materials.

This material will protect you and your expensive creature comforts from the worst weather that nature can throw your way. 

Not only is this material breathable, but we also carefully optimize the interior layout of the glamping tent. It means that you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable humid, stuffy tent interiors or cold ones! You can finally camp in comfort.

Loads Of Open Space

Another recurring feature of a glamping tent is the wide-open space! 

Since a glamping tent needs to accommodate a variety of devices, from a wood-burning stove to a double bed and even a working toilet, they need to be large tents.

If you decide only to add a couple of creature comforts, you end up with ample space. You can use this open space to play family games or create a cozy cuddle-corner where you can while the long nights away in the lap of luxury.

Enjoy Glamping Anywhere

Your glamping tent must be portable. After all, what’s the point of glamping if you’ll be seeing the same sunset and scenery every time?

However, the best glamping tents are also easy to set up. That means you should have all the instructions, along with all the necessary equipment to ensure a sturdy, well-built tent. 

Having all of this on hand makes it easy to set up camp and get down to enjoying nature, in style, as soon as possible!

Relax With A Sturdy Tent

Since glamping tents are enormous, much larger than ordinary camping tents, they’re also much sturdier. 

A glamping tent needs to be rugged enough and stable enough to protect its occupants, as well as hold a variety of modern, luxury devices.

Unlike ordinary tents, a glamping tent won’t shake and move from the slightest breeze. So, you can enjoy a sturdy tent and have fun outdoors!

Get The Best Sleep Every Time

A distinctive feature of any glamping experience is where you’ll be sleeping. Glamping isn’t glamping if you end up sleeping on the cold, hard ground!

Most glamping tents are large enough to accommodate a double bed effortlessly. So, you can enjoy the best night’s rest on a spring mattress, surrounded by the majesty of nature.

Say goodbye to stiff backs and neck pain when you decide to go glamping!

Rest In Nature In All Her Glory

Of course, the point of glamping is to be close to nature. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to enjoy nature. 

When glamping, you’re still technically outdoors and close to nature! 

We often add large windows to our glamping tents so that you can enjoy that beautiful sunset while in the lap of luxury.

If you choose your camping spot carefully, you can be as far away from civilization without roughing it in the wild.

Revel In Endless Possibilities

Today, glamping tents come in any shape and size. Often, the only limitation is your ambition and creativity. 

If you want a large, two-bedroom glamping tent with a front and back door, or perhaps a round glamping tent with an open-plan kitchen, you can have it. 

All glamping tents are custom-manufactured creations. This flexibility means that no two are ever the same. 

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with tent design, though. At Acovia Design, we’ll be more than happy to sit with you and create the perfect custom glamping tent.

Acovia Design: Glamping Tents Manufacturer

If you haven’t noticed by now, at Acovia Design, we’re pretty passionate about tents. We’ve been manufacturing military, scout, and glamping tents for more than 15 years.

That means we were there, way back in 2018 when the Merriam-Webster dictionary first added the word “glamping” to modern dictionaries.

We’ve seen bell-shaped tents, Safari Cabin-style tents, and even tipis and Mongolian Yurts used as glamping tents.

We’ve gained all the skills, experience, and know-how to create a custom glamping tent of your dreams throughout the years! 

What does all of this mean to you? It doesn’t matter what your inspiration is. We can help match you with the perfect glamping tent in no time at all!

Get The Perfect Tent For Your Glamping Trip

For your next camping adventure, go big and go glamorous! Get in touch with us and let us design and create the perfect glamping tent for your next outdoor trip. 

We’re a glamping tents manufacturer, eager to show you how amazing your next glamping trip can be! Happy trails!