Choosing and buying quality equipment is always a good decision. Ensuring permanent use and maintaining product parameters, however, requires proper maintenance. Some of our products (tents) are made of coated and impregnated fabrics. These are technologically slightly more advanced fabrics that require more attention in cleaning and general maintenance. In order for fabrics to retain the properties that made us use them, they need to be cared for properly.

The key rule – read the instructions for use. Seemingly similar products may have different cleaning guidelines. Canvases are made of synthetic materials, cotton, or blends; so, aspects such as water temperature, use of cleaners, and methods and procedures during cleaning are extremely important.

Clean the tents only according to the instructions published in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Our tent canvases are factory impregnated according to a process in which the impregnating agent penetrates through the entire thickness of the fabric and completely impregnates it. Only this kind of method ensures permanent impregnation of the fabric. In the event in which it is necessary to clean the tent canvas with a cleaning agent or in a way that will damage the factory impregnation, we suggest you use surface impregnating agents. This will perform a temporary or emergency impregnation that will allow you to use the tent at the scheduled time. After the camping is over, allow us to provide you with a sustainably usable tent again. The damaged part of the canvas will be replaced with a new one in our service, thus ensuring the permanent properties of the entire tent.

Product care must be balanced – too frequent cleaning can shorten the service life, while neglecting maintenance, in addition to dirt and mold, will begin to lead to deterioration of structural, water-repellent, and other properties. As textile experts, let us help you with this.

For products intended for the food industry, we will make sure that the cleaning is carried out in accordance with all applicable requirements. Inspection services recognise our procedures as appropriate and thus our company sets standards that you will be able to follow. We will take care of the proper washing and maintenance of your equipment.