Canvas Tents Manufacturer

As an experienced canvas tents manufacturer, we’ve seen ever-more serious hikers and campers making the shift over to canvas tents.

However, have you ever wondered what makes a canvas tent superior to traditional, synthetic tents? Why are canvas tents better than nylon tents?

Let’s find out why canvas is a better material option, so next time that you go shopping for canvas tents on sale, you’ll know how to choose the perfect one.

About Canvas Tent Manufacturers

Most canvas tent manufacturers, like us at Acovia Design, use a unique canvas material to make tents last longer and work better, no matter what nature throws at them.

Canvas fabric is a heavily woven material. Typically, this material is made from either hemp or cotton. We weave the cotton or hemp threads together to create a thick, durable canvas fabric.

By doing this, we ensure that the fabric has maximum durability and sturdiness. This durability is why canvas is popular in sails, backpacks, shoes, and even outdoor art displays!

Benefits Of Canvas Tents

Typically, people buy canvas tents because they are so beautiful and durable.

While this makes them a popular choice for outdoor-enthusiast, there are many other benefits to selecting a canvas tent.

Let’s look at these in more detail.

Better Sun Protection

Since canvas tents are manufactured from a thicker material than synthetic or plastic tents, it lets less sun through to the tent’s interior.

While choosing a campsite with ample shade is still essential, a robust canvas tent will offer better sun protection than a nylon tent.

The canvas material also helps keep the interior dark and cozy. So, if you’re a light sleeper and wake up quickly when it’s too bright outside, a canvas tent is a fantastic option.

It’ll help you get some extra sleep!

Since canvas tents are made from a tough material, they will last much longer in the sun.

Today, sun damage is one of the top reasons tents get ruined. Most nylon or plastic tents become useless with sun damage, and then it’s time to choose a new tent.

On the other hand, canvas tents can handle the sun and its harsh UV rays for much longer. This ability to withstand sun damage makes them an excellent, long-term investment.

Better Temperature Control

Remember that canvas tents are thicker than synthetic tents? This same thick material that makes them great for sun protection also makes them a fantastic insulator.

The rule of thumb is, the thicker the material, the better the insulation. The better your insulation, the easier it is to control the temperature inside the tent.

While any tent sitting in the direct sun for hours will eventually heat up, a canvas tent will keep the interior cooler and more comfortable for much longer.

So, you can enjoy your canvas tent in the mornings for much longer than you would a nylon or plastic tent!

These thick, insulating canvas properties also make them a fantastic choice when it’s cold outside.

A canvas tent will trap the heat inside and ensure it doesn’t escape outside the tent. A canvas tent is far cozier than plastic tents by insulating the heat, especially during chilly conditions!

Better Tent Durability

Canvas tents can withstand extreme exposure to the sun, wind, and even rain. They’re also far more durable than nylon tents and can withstand the typical wear and tear from camping.

In fact, at Acovia Design, we find that a well-looked after canvas tent, one that’s properly stored and kept completely dry, can last for decades.

While every tent’s longevity depends on how well you look after them, a canvas tent is easy to care for and maintain.

The cotton material is tough to rip and tear. The thick, durable canvas material outlasts thin, synthetic tents in every single test.

Better Tent Breathability

If you’ve used a synthetic plastic tent in humid conditions, you’ve probably experienced condensation.

A plastic tent traps heat and moisture, making your tent’s interior incredibly uncomfortable. You may either end up having a hot and clammy or cold and clammy adventure.

A canvas tent, on the other hand, has excellent breathability. This breathability allows moisture to evaporate. It leaves your tent dry and comfortable, no matter what the outside weather brings.

Better Tent Sustainability

If you’re anything like us, you care about nature. Canvas tents are eco-friendly and far more sustainable than their synthetic cousins.

Since canvas tents are biodegradable, you’ll have a lighter carbon footprint than plastic tents. Cotton takes months to degrade into compost, while plastic can take decades!

Better Tent Customization

Another fantastic benefit that canvas tents have over plastic tents is the sheer amount of customizations that you can do.

With canvas, it’s effortless to create a tent perfect for your outdoor adventures. It’s also far more affordable to customize a canvas tent than it would be to make one out of nylon.

Since canvas is so durable and customizable, you can effortlessly choose to:

  • Alter the thickness and type of canvas on your tent
  • Change the dimensions of your tent
  • Choose a different size for the windows
  • Change the type of door entrance your tent has

Canvas Tents For Sale

Whether you’re looking for military tents, scout tents, or something truly unique, at Acovia Design, we can manufacture the perfect canvas tent to suit your needs.

Our tents will stand the test of weather and time. Their durability makes them an excellent investment, saving you money and effort.

Acovia Design: Canvas Tents Manufacturer

We’ve been a canvas tent manufacturer for over 15 years! We’ve learned everything there is to know about canvas tents during this time.

Our knowledge and experience as a canvas tent manufacturer ensure that every tent we make is of the highest standard.

Get The Perfect Canvas Tent

Today, you can easily find a wide variety of canvas tents for camping. From large to small canvas tents, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your outdoor adventures.

At Acovia Design, we often run a popular canvas tents sale, where savvy outdoor enthusiasts can find the right tent to compliment their adventures.

Are you ready to make the switch to the perfect canvas tent?