Bread Cloth

You need a bread cloth when baking fresh bread, such as a baguette, boule, or any other free-formed bread. 

In fact, this baking cloth for bread is the essential difference between a rising success and a flop!

At Acovia Design, we’ve been manufacturing bread cloths for over 15 years. Today, we want to explain why every avid baker has several of these handy fabrics in the kitchen.

What Is A Bread Cloth?

A bread cloth is an essential tool in any baker’s kitchen. It’s also the best material to help proof your bread. 

A baker places shaped loaves of bread between the folds of their cloth. They do this to help the bread maintain its beautiful shape during proofing. 

A proofing cloth typically has a wicking property. This property allows the material to absorb excess moisture without drying the dough. 

It’s this property that gives a freshly baked baguette its distinctive chewy, thin and crunchy crust!

Sometimes called a proofing cloth, it will also prevent the loaves from sticking to each other as they rise and increase in size.

What Is A Bread Couche Cloth Made Of?

Today, we manufacture every bread couche from a specially developed, patented, and knitted fabric, known as MagiCloth™ KRU

This soft fabric reduces the risk of any microbiological contamination that can turn your freshly baked loaf into a disaster.

We’re also pretty proud of the fact that MagiCloth™ KRU doesn’t shrink and provides excellent conditions for your dough to rise and maintain its beautiful and distinctive shape. 

How To Use A Bread Proofing Cloth

You can effortlessly master a bread proofing cloth. When you master the techniques of a bread cloth, every loaf will turn into a masterpiece! Here are our steps for success:

  1. Lightly and evenly flour the bread proofing cloth.
  2. Always fold the bread proofing cloth into wavy creases to hold your dough.
  3. Gently put your shaped bread dough into the folds, and cover it with the fabric.
  4. Allow your dough to rise.
  5. Once ready to bake, transfer the dough into a baking pan.

Preserving Your Couche Cloth For Bread

There are several things you can do to extend the lifetime of your bread couche:

  • Brush off any excess flour from it 
  • Allow it to air dry
  • Gently scrape off any dry dough that’s still sticking to the couche
  • Always roll up the cloth when storing it.

Never wash your baker’s couche with chemicals or cleaning liquids. 

You’ll also wash away the yeasty, floury surface when you wash it. This surface is essential for making that unique, tasty crust that everybody loves!

High-Quality Bread Cloth Manufacturing

If you want to ensure tasty bread every time, a quality bread cloth is essential. At Acovia Design, we can custom-make your bread cover cloth into any shape and size.

Our cloths will help you become a master baker and protect your baking baskets! Are you ready to impress your friends and family? Get yours today.